#ALERT #NLD #emergency #pressconference #ballot #books with #wrong #constituency in Mahaaungmyay Township

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NLD holds emergency press conference at 10:30 pm for ballot books with wrong constituency in Mahaaungmyay Township, where Mandalay Mayor Aung Maung is competing.
The ballot books for No. 1 Constituency of Mahaaungmyay Township, Mandalay involves ballots for other constituency, the NLD candidate of Mahaaungmyay Tsp for Region Parliament Zarni Aung told during the emergency meeting held by the NLD tonight.
He said, “We found that the ballot books for Mahaaungmyay Constituency involves Chanmyaytharsi constituency ballots. We found nine books in No. 4 polling station in Mahanwesin Ward. We’ve informed it to the commission. And they investigated it immediately. Another six books in Mahamyaing 1 Ward, six in Chan North Ward and seven in Mahamyaing 2 Ward. There are total of 1400 wrong ballots for the Region Parliament. Although the cover of the ballot books prints as Mahaaungmyay, the ballots are for Chanmyaytharsi. The voters won’t know it anyway. Since the candidate names are wrong, all votes will be invalid. There are 25 voters who have casted the advance votes in such way so far.”
There are 5600 voters for two polling stations in Mahaaungmyay Constituency which has the most voters in seven districts.