#VIDEO #NAY #MYO #ZIN #နိင္ငံေတာ္မွတာဝန္႐ွိလူႀကီးမင္းမ်ား ႐ုိးသားေပးပါလုိ ဗုိလ္ႀကီးေဟာင္းေနမ်ဳိးဇင္ေျပာလိုက္ပါၿပီ

Aye Kyaw
နိင္ငံေတာ္မွတာဝန္႐ွိလူႀကီးမင္းမ်ား ႐ုိးသားေပးပါလုိ ဗုိလ္ႀကီးေဟာင္းေနမ်ဳိးဇင္ေျပာလိုက္ပါၿပီ

nay myo zin

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Students News: Updated 4 March: 3:25 PM

Local people from Letpadan called for the police to remove barricades at about 2.45 p.m. Police officials issue warnings through loudspeakers to disperse while students are opening songs. Tensions are running high.



The students from Yangon staged a 30-minute-long protest in front of City Hall at 3 pm this afternoon not to crack down the main students’ protest column in Letpadan. Students News: Updated 3 March : 5:45 PM 10944875_1081467078536340_657521838495521035_n The main students’ protest column held a press conference and issued a statement despite the police were stopping them. The statement of the main students’ protest column 11026115_10204091681836459_7484966297040175702_n The boycott students led by All Burma Students’ League (Ba-Ka-Tha) protesting againt the National Education Law resumed their march from Letpadan on March 3. With the purpose of reducing the people’s concerns over the matriculation examination for 2014-2014 academic years, keeping a close watch on the approval of the amendment bill for the National Education Law at the parliament and changing the students’ protest march into a wait-for protest, eight points were demanded. (1) The main students’ protest column is going on marching to Thayawady from Aungmyay Beikman Monstery in Letpadan on March 3 morning. We will march in the shape protest, shouting slogans. (2) The students will leave for Yangon the next morning after stopping over in Thayawady. We will march to Yangon by car (3) The fighting peacock flag of students’ league will be hoisted on the cars heading to Yangon. (4) The students will turn on songs at a time when the cars are heading to Yangon. (5) The cars heading to Yangon will run slowly with a normal speed. (6) Upon arrival at Yangon, the boycott students will go to the monument to mark the first students’ boycott on the platform of Shwedagon Pagoda or to Bo Aung Kyaw monument erected on the lawns of students’ league in the campus of Yangon University to mark the first students’ boycott. (7) If the students arrived at these mentioned places, a ceremony will be held. (8) After holding the ceremony, the students will go back their respective homes. 10151880_1056249427722379_8160626547276020767_n To be able to demand these points, the boycott students are encountering obstacles from the police force at a time when they start go back home from Letpadan to Thayawady and then to Yangon. The concerned government has been requested by the boycott students not to crack down or arrest or stop as they go back home in a peaceful way without using violence. Students News: Updated 3 March : 5:00 PM The protest columns from the universities of Mon, Kayah and Shan States are holding discussions to march to Yangon. Students News: Updated 3 March : 4:45 PM Some students participated in the main students’ column and political activists staged a peaceful protest in favor of the eight-point demands of the students of the main students’ protest column beside Mandalay’s Moat from 3 pm to 4.15 pm this evening. A fight broke out between the protesters and the authorities.