Myanmar protest against unhcr for the comments made by a staff of unhcr
Nay Pyi Taw, 26 November 2016
Myanmar Permanent Representative of the office of the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, U Htin Linn called the Deputy High Commissioner of unhcr and filed a protest against a member of the staff of unhcr, John Mckissick, based in cox bazar in Bangladesh , against the government of Myanmar in an interview with the BBC that appeared in the news on 24 November. The action not only violates the code of conduct of the united nations staff, but she has also undermined the trust and cooperation granted at unhcr by Myanmar.
Under the leadership of the ministry of foreign affairs, the permanent representative of Myanmar U Htin Linn met without delay the Deputy High Commissioner for the protection of unhcr m. Volker Turk on 25 November, because the high commissioner and Deputy High Commissioner of unhcr were not available.
At the meeting, the permanent representative of Myanmar asked the unhcr to confirm officially if unhcr had actually made the allegations against the government of Myanmar. If such allegations were not made by unhcr, the permanent representative has then asked the unhcr to a press statement explaining a real situation. If such allegations were actually made by unhcr so, Myanmar deposits a strong objection against unhcr for allegations wrongdoers do without prove that the government of Myanmar has evidence, which is equivalent to a violation of the code of conduct of the united nations . The Permanent Representative also explained that the accusations were not only a detrimental effect on the government of Myanmar, but also corroded the integrity of the unhcr as a united nations agency just, not politicized, neutral and impartial, helping the refugees from all over the world . If necessary, Myanmar would also have an official objection in writing.
The Deputy High Commissioner to the protection of unhcr replied that he was also surprised by the statement of John Mckissick. This was not the official position of unhcr. He did not represent unhcr and was comprised exclusively by John Mckissick. However, unhcr will consider the question and give an appropriate response to the request of the permanent representative of Myanmar. Unhcr will continue to cooperate with the people of Myanmar and stands ready to provide all the necessary assistance.
Myanmar is of the opinion that being one of the agencies of the United Nations, unhcr staff has the duty to behave with the highest level of integrity and morality as well as a code of conduct of the united nations at the time in and out The Champs. Libels and make irresponsible statements and allegations under the pretext of the united nations or deliberately give the misleading impression as the official positions of the United Nations / statements to the media of information is neither justified nor acceptable from a staff of the united nations . Unhcr has the responsibility to account for the action of m. John mckissick aimed at deliberately wrong inform the public and to denature the integrity of the government of Myanmar.
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