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Battalion polling station start counting votes in Mandalay
The voting process came to a stop at No 4 polling station of the battalion of Mandalay as there were only 40 eligible voters. Therefore the votes are being counted, according to a source of Dr Nyi Min Han, the candidate of Aungmyaythazan of Mandalay Region.
(Photo-Yin Myo Thwe)


More than 300 people lose voting rights in Myothit ward
More than 300 people have lost voting rights in Myothit ward, Pobbathiri, Nay Pyi Taw as their names were not included in the electoral roll.
Some voters in Kyitaungkan village tract and Kyitaungkan village were included in the first time voter list and the second time voter list, but weren’t in the third time voter list. The names of the whole family were not included in the voter list.












At Polling Station No (3) of Ngaputaw Township, people cannot vote despite the station opening time – 6 a.m. is over, as the advance votes are stilling being counted. Likewise, at Polling Station No (4), ballots for Kayin Ethnic Representative do not arrive yet.


Election update news – 8:08 a.m.
Advance vote ballot boxes, which have to reach at 6 a.m., arrived later than the set time in Dagon Myothit Seikkan Township.
“I don’t know the exact time. I have to ask polling station representatives. Nearly all boxes came in late. This doesn’t match the law,” said Kyaw Win, NLD candidate for Lower House Parliament.
Kyaw Zin Win

TACHILEK DISTRICT ဓာတ္ပံု။ ရွမ္းမင္းသား


Election update news – 7:29 a.m
Some ethnic people in Ward 47, North Dagon, do not get the chance to vote for ethnic affairs minister. Moreover, people who live in area with guest registration, want to vote and wait in front of the polling station although their names were not included in voter list.

Election update news
Some polling stations in Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, Mandalay, do not include commission stamp on ballots. When people asked, they replied to include by showing the signature of ballot station head. They asked people to voting by saying that voting without the commission stamp is also fine, when people complained that the stamp and signature are not the same.




Shwebo Township waiting to vote at Polling Station No (2) of 5 Ward. Continue reading “#MYANMAR #VOTING #QUEUE #SCENE #ELECTION #DAY”

#ALERT #NLD #emergency #pressconference #ballot #books with #wrong #constituency in Mahaaungmyay Township

MORE ON “SUSPCIOUS ACTIONS” https://democracyforburma.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/burma-myanmar-election-suspicious-actions-monitoring/

NLD holds emergency press conference at 10:30 pm for ballot books with wrong constituency in Mahaaungmyay Township, where Mandalay Mayor Aung Maung is competing.
The ballot books for No. 1 Constituency of Mahaaungmyay Township, Mandalay involves ballots for other constituency, the NLD candidate of Mahaaungmyay Tsp for Region Parliament Zarni Aung told during the emergency meeting held by the NLD tonight.
He said, “We found that the ballot books for Mahaaungmyay Constituency involves Chanmyaytharsi constituency ballots. We found nine books in No. 4 polling station in Mahanwesin Ward. We’ve informed it to the commission. And they investigated it immediately. Another six books in Mahamyaing 1 Ward, six in Chan North Ward and seven in Mahamyaing 2 Ward. There are total of 1400 wrong ballots for the Region Parliament. Although the cover of the ballot books prints as Mahaaungmyay, the ballots are for Chanmyaytharsi. The voters won’t know it anyway. Since the candidate names are wrong, all votes will be invalid. There are 25 voters who have casted the advance votes in such way so far.”
There are 5600 voters for two polling stations in Mahaaungmyay Constituency which has the most voters in seven districts.



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There were fraud in advance votes where Vice President Dr. Sai Mauk Kham compete at Lashio constituency and so NLD and SNLD has sent object letters to UEC.

NLD and SNLD has sent letters of objection dated November 9 to UEC concerning advance votes of military .The advance votes were sent to Lashio constituency sub-election commission on Nov 8.
In the letter, it is stated that, the advance votes of 11815 arrived at the Lashio is too much for Lashio and it wasn’t reasonable that each and every advance votes were cast to USDP. It is an ugly behavior of destroying the free and fair election by advance votes.
NLD candidate Dr. Lin Htut of No-2 constituency said in every 3 parliaments, all the votes are cast to USDP. That is the No-1 reason. Next thing is when we examined the voting list, it was found that even the animals’ names in their houses were counted.
Before that advance votes arrived, Tun Shwe from NLD won significantly to USDP candidate. After counting the advance votes, USDP candidate has won again.
“When we got 50 or 60 votes in state parliament, USDP got 3800 where Dr. Sai of USDP competes. It is impossible and doubtful. That’s why we objected it,” said Dr. Liin Htut.
On November 8 evening, before the advance votes were arrived, the sealed ballot boxes were opened on the way to Township sub-commission office.

Ballot boxes carried to photocopier shop and opened in Lashio constituency
Despite ballot boxes had to be kept to the sub-election commission, they were carried to the photocopier shop in Lashio constituency where Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham was running for and then they were opened.
Ballot boxes were opened at the photocopier shop on the way to the township sub-election commission from Honant village.
“I am waiting for voting counting at the township sub-election commission. At that time, I was asked to follow. Upon arrival there, I saw the ballot boxes already opened. The ballot boxes were carried at about 8 pm. I arrived at about 8.15 pm,” a NLD’s polling representative said.
“They told us that they opened to make photocopying. They did not make sure that the ballot boxes were closed. They did not know what to photocopy. The way they do is not systematic. The commission would make decisions on this matter,” Sai San Min of the SNLD said.
Critics said that a legal action should be taken against as such matter might result in vote riggings in Lashio constituency.

UEC seal and ink-pad intentionally kept at No 14 polling station in Hlaingthayar The voters are forced to seal the ballot paper in use of ink-pad in addition to UEC seal at No 14 polling station in No 7 ward, Hlaingthayar, Yangon Region. Much ink appeared on the block of the ballot and it stained UEC logo, the eligible voters said. If truth be told, ink already remains on UEC seal. No need to use ink-pad again. The stained ballots were not exchanged with new ones. No one objected to this matter. Voting on behalf of other person found out in Htay Oo ward “There are 280 voters registration cards no one collected since yesterday. These cards were kept by village/ward commission chairman. We doubted that there may be people coming for these cards to vote on behalf of others. When we checked the suspicious man, and we found out that auxiliary fire brigade member Htay Thet Khaing of Ngar Se Taung, Targyitaung ward came to vote on behalf of Wai Phyo Hlaing’s registration card. I already doubted this polling booth. This is the ward of USDP joint chairman Htay Oo. When asked him (Htay Thet Khaing), he said secretary of ward commission gave the registration card. I submitted the matter to the polling booth officer and confiscated the card and denied voting. I doubted there may be similar incidences in other ward and villages,” said NLD township executive Saw Win who monitored the No-7 Tar Ngar Se Taung ward in Hinthada.

Election News Update: A voter named U Sein Win (45) from Kayinsu village, Kawhmu Township died on the way to hospital as he fell down just after casting his vote at No.2 polling station, says the township election commission. Impatient poll staff replaced in Hlaing A polling staff was replaced with another one because of being impatient and a loud shout at the queue at the polling station of No 1 BEHS in Hlaing Township, Yangon.

Half of people in Oakshitkon village, Yaynanchaung lose voting rights Half of the people in Oakshitkon village, Yaynanchaung township, Magway Region lost voting rights as they were not included in the electoral roll in the first time voter list and they did not get voter identity cards in the last time voter list. Regarding this matter, Soe Htut Oo of sub-election commission said that those who were not found in the voter list on the poll day would lose voting rights. 12191788_633327453476607_6374653377900829314_n UEC member warns Upper House MP wearing USDP uniform Saw Ba Hlaing, member of Union Election Commission, warns Upper House MP Saw Kyaing Htwe who was wearing USDP uniform at No 1/2 polling station in No 7 ward, Hpa-an. 12187942_633329106809775_1073591843273942062_n At Daw Noe Ku Polling Station in Loikaw Township, 32 lower house ballot papers without signatures of polling officer were given to voters, according to the township election sub-commission office. Those ballots were regarded as “invalid”. 12189573_633330796809606_126472389042870083_n News update: Eligible voters from Yetsaute, Southern Shan State, will ask the UEC to extend voting time if all voters cannot finish casting vote before 4 pm, sources say. “Families of Light Infantry regiments, Ba Htoo fort town and the town cast advance vote. They have been asked to cast advance votes as they have military operations. Another thing is irresponsibility of township election commissions. We will ask to extend voting time as there have voters left to vote after 4 pm. Some social activists and people from Ma-Ba-Tha will lead us and the rest are locals. We expected about 3,000 voters will be left to cast the vote as there have between 500 and 1,000 eligible voters in one polling station alone and in Yetsaute, there have 76 polling stations,” said Sein Win, local activist from Ywangan. There have many light infantry divisions in Yetsaute and Ba Htoo fort town and the families of the soldiers are cast advance votes. In Yetsaute, there have 76 polling stations in seven wards and 60 village tracts and over 100,000 eligible voters. Scramble occurs in Maunghtaung village polling station in Butalin A scramble broke out at Maunghtaung village polling station in Butalin constituency where Tha Aye, the chief minister of Sagaing Region was running for because the polling stations are not sufficient enough for the voters to cast the votes. There were about 3,050 voters in Maunghtaung village, Butalin where only one polling station was set up. Up to about 2 pm in the afternoon, only 1,600 voters had already cast the votes. The situation is difficult for the polling staff to control. Local people said that they had received some evidences until 2 pm in this regard. “We close the door of the polling station. A long queue scrambled for the entrance to the polling station. We cannot supervise the voting process inside the polling booth. We reported on the situation to the commission, but no plan was in sight,” the polling agent of Maunghtaung village said. Hundreds of voters lost voting rights despite having complete evidence for voting, but they are trying to acquire voting rights during the election hours. “Some were included both the first voter list and the second, but were not found in the last and they were not allowed casting the vote. Those who were not included in the second time voter list applied for the Form 3, but they were not included in the last time voter list and so they lost voting rights. The sub-election commission wrote wrong personal data. Some families were not included in the electoral roll. All of those not included in the electoral registers would cast the votes for the NLD. No member of USDP was found in the objected voter list,” Thein Lwin, a Maunghtaung resident, said. The township commission urged them to vote only in 2020 though they applied with Form-3, said an official from Maunghtaung Village election sub-commission. Most polling stations in Butalin Township have seen a large number voters queuing to vote. In some places, voting could continue until late evening. In some places, USDP logos can still be seen. Moreover, some people are in the compounds of polling stations wearing hats and shirts featuring USDP logo. Many people have lost their votes. Some polling officers are also found to lack electoral knoweldge and rules. When exit poll results were conducted, about 50 locals said they voted for NLD. In our village, all of us except four or five stand by Mother Suu. We will vote for her,” said a local who has voted. ###### https://democracyforburma.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/myanmar-voting-queue-scene-election-day/ 10,000 mystery names added to Pobbathiri voter list National League for Democracy Lower House candidate Yee Mon (aka) Maung Tin Thit for Pobbathiri Constituency in Nay Pyi Taw says the final voter list for the township includes more than 10,000 extra names without any addresses. The second announcement of the voter list for the township had more than 59,000 voters but the final roll included about 70,000 voters, Yee Mon said. Continue reading “!!#update #BURMA #MYANMAR #ELECTION #Suspicious #actions #MONITORING”