#MYANMAR #Solo #protester #detained in Mg So Pyay

Solo protester detained in Mg So Pyay

cr. eleven media
A solo protester in Pyay was detained shortly after marching with vinyl posters saying that the Union Election Commission must take full responsibility for faulty voter lists.
Within a few minutes of holding the poster, the head of the police force and about eight members from No.2 regional police station stopped and detained the protestor at about 9:30 am.
“As it is the first time for him, we didn’t file a case. We will summon the administrator of where he lives and made him signed a promissory note right before us. We strictly stopped his activity to avoid unnecessary events over this matter during the election period,” Myo Myint from No.2 police station said.
The two posters reading the commission’s promise for only 30 percent of voter lists would be corrected is not acceptable because the commission is being supported by public fund and international aid. The commission must take full responsibility. The commission would be punished for vote rigging.
“He was taken to the police station shortly after he started. They [police officers] didn’t let us enter into police station when we got there. But they let some people in. The head police officer said that they will let him go and they will not file any case. Later, we were told to send our information with one person for briefing,” Thiha Lwin, a local reported said.
Later, the protester is a 48-year old, Tin Htay Win from Sin Pite village of Telgone village tract in Pyay Township.