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#MYANMAR #Conflict #flares #between #military and #SSPP/SSA in #WanHai

October 20, 2015

Conflict flares between military and SSPP/SSA in Wan Hai
Although the Shan State Progress Party and Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) abandoned its Wan Hai headquarters in southern Shan State as a gesture of peace, clashes with the Myanmar Defence Services, or Tatmadaw, continue to rage in the area. The Tatmadaw attacked the SSPP/SSA from October 15 to October 18, said Col Sai La from the SSA at about 5pm on October 18.
“They continued attacking, even though we moved out of Tasang Phu. We left Tasang Phu for Haipar this morning (October 18). Then, they attacked us at about 7am. Heavy clashes occurred between us. They used big firearms. Our attitude is that we have to defend ourselves as much as we can if they attack us, even though we were moving back,” said Col Sai La.
An SSA force of about 200 clashed with the government army on October 15 beginning at about 5pm between Mongshu Township and Wan Lwai Township. The Han Wai headquarters were shelled by government troops at around midnight. Following brutal clashes on the morning of October 17, the Tatmadaw force retreated to the mountains, according to Col Sai La.
The SSPP/SSA announced on October 18 that it would continue to defend itself from government attacks.




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