#MYANMAR #NLD to #kick #off #campaign in #Coco #ISLAND on #October #20



NLD to kick off campaign in Coco on October 20
National League for Democracy Lower House candidate for the Coco Islands Win Min says campaigning will start on the atoll on October 20.

He said: “The Department of Maritime Administration is arranging a trip to Coco on October 20 for the campaign. We got permission to go there from the Yangon regional government. We sent the names to the township administration office. There will be 10 NLD members.”

The candidate said: “We will plan the campaign only after we arrive. We haven’t gone to Coco for this campaign although we are Myanmar citizens. It is obvious that islanders’ rights are being violated.”

Other NLD Coco candidates are Kyaw Thu and Win Ko Ko Win for the Yangon Region parliament.

Earlier NLD attempts to reach the atoll have been thwarted by the weather and the authorities.

They intended to fly on October 6 but the plane was owned by the air force and refused to take them.

The party was permitted by the regional government to go there by renting a vessel but the maritime department refused to allow the trip because it said the ship was built with wood and was not secure.

The Union Solidarity and Development Party’s Coco candidates are Thura Thet Swe (former naval chief) for the Lower House, Tin Oo (former minister of border and security affairs for Yangon Region) and Aung Naing for the regional parliament.

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