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October 14, 2015

The nationwide ceasefire agreement between government and ethnic armed organizations Min Zaw Oo Domestic witnesses (21) …….confirmed International witnesses (6)……. confirmed Diplomats to sign “in the presence of” ……….(45) countries confirmed (out of 80 countries that have diplomatic relation with Myanmar) so far 12065702_10102476888178187_4496215086069732727_n 12118835_10102476888193157_8073421319151133147_n 12096240_10102476888213117_5498587023672195502_n 11231751_10102476888198147_5635366439291865874_n 12065512_10102476888168207_4189139699421880980_n 12088100_10102476888173197_8155056035832731270_n 12079614_10102476888208127_4785058220420100059_n 12106793_10102476888183177_2923776453350252474_n 12096592_10102476888203137_4028005784585936111_n 11140051_10102476888188167_8872767573901387747_n 12079680_10102476888347847_5168379769782638895_n 12119190_10102476888392757_9016293541653907347_n

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