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Landslides in Mawchi kill 28, displace 1000- 12105879_777311719063363_6695354833855242685_n12096124_777322159062319_37264877369779800_nmawchi3mawchi2 Landslides in Mawchi Mine Region, Hpasaung Township, Kayah State, caused by heavy rain, killed 28 people as of 3:30pm on October 13. “Another 10 people were found dead underground today, so the death total is now 28. More bodies are still being looked for,” said an Anglican priest in Out village. Lo-Khar-Lo Baptist Church is housing the largest number of displaced people, but it has not received any relief aid as od 4pm on October 13, said relief teams at the church. “Relief teams only go to the high school in Out Village. Nearly 1,000 people are in our camp. There is no car or bike route to the church. It would be easier if they sent aid using pulley wheels from Out village, across the creek. We want them to come fast. There are nearly 2,000 people in need of aid at the primary school and the church,” said a resident of Lo-Khar-Lo. Some of the roads to the Mawchi Mine Region are flooded, and several mountain roads collapsed, so vehicles carrying relief aid have only been able to reach No 2 Relief Camp, according to relief teams under the National League for Democracy on October 13. Furthermore, the bridge near No 2 Relief Camp cannot bear the weight of trucks, so relief items must be loaded onto small cars.“Because of the continuous rain, rocks keep cracking. Beneath 13-Kone Ward are holes excavated for lead mining. If there is a landslide in this area, it will all collapse at once. We need a modernised relief process. After the landslides struck, people asked for help, but we couldn’t go and help. Two of us who went to help were buried under the landslide. No relief aid has arrived yet,” said Ah Yone Oo from 13-Kone Ward. Landslides triggered by heavy rain killed 18 people, including two children, and left 11 missing, in the Mawchi Mine region, Hpasaung Township, Kayah State, according to local witnesses. Resident Saw Alkalu said: “Since the morning of October 11, there have been heavy downpours and strong winds. Landslides began in the hills at about 2pm the same day. The landslide destroyed staff quarters, houses and a church built on hill sides. About 40 houses were ruined. The exact number of damaged houses is under investigation. Injured people are receiving treatment at Lokharlo hospital. The number of missing people is expected to increase.” About 500 from the area are taking shelters in a Baptist church in Kharlo village, with another 300 victims in a middle school and more than 300 in a high school. The victims are in need of food and drinking water. On June 1, a mining company issued a warning about the danger of possible landslides in restricted areas during the rainy season. Many locals turned a blind eye to it the warnings. The Mawchi Mine region is located about 80 miles from Loikaw Township. The residents of the area rely on satellite phones as they have has no easy access to telecommunication lines. CR ELEVEN MEDIA PHOTOCR. Tin Ko Win 12063633_781502945329526_3493494549102307128_n12087988_781502735329547_2473250902217027380_n12144734_781502868662867_6875887889959459483_n12088192_781502808662873_4081921562764184358_n PHOTOCREDIT Myanmar Disaster Relief Coordination Centre 12074488_796967667080902_3356560244142595613_n 12106770_796967610414241_7375109117249805625_n 12144950_796967760414226_1879805763525843482_n

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Girl arrested for mocking military A girl from Maubin Township has been arrested on the night of October 12 over a Facebook post that compared the colour of Aung San Suu Kyi’s htamein (traditional skirt) to that of the recently introduced military uniforms. Chaw Sandi Htun, who goes by the same name on her Facebook account, was charged under Section 34(D) of the Electronic Communications Law, over a post titled “Why not wear pieces of her htamein as bandanas if you love her so much?” The post included a photo of the National League for Democracy leader giving a speech beside another photo of Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing giving a speech to fellow military members. Section 34(D) which prohibits defamation and spreading misinformation about organisations on the Internet. Chaw Sandi Htun had just arrived at the Damazawti Meditation Centre with her mother when police arrested her and brought her to the MaubinTownship police station to be confined. “She is used to going to Oo Go Inkar meditation centres, specifically the Damazawti centre. She had just arrived today with her mother, who was sending her off, when around 20 policemen came and arrested the girl even before the mother had left. Chaw Sandi Htun was brought back to Maubin, and her mother followed the police vehicle. We heard that the military opened the case against her,” said a close relative of the accused. ELEVEN MEDIA Ma Chaw Sandi Tun, who is the active NLD Youth, was arrested yesterday at Yangon, . . Latest updates say, she is charged with 34 D Electronic Act, which all are hoping to suppress information and media in Burma by Military Junta. . Today 13 October 2015, Maubin court decided to put her on remand and the next hearing will be at 27 October 2015 as reported by media. MWH Photo Credit: Eleven Media




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12074502_144413209246459_3151067002180154672_n Chaw Sandi Tun Photo Credit: Eleven Media

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UEC announces constituencies where election to be postponed
YANGON–The Union Election Commission (UEC) announced a list of constituencies where elections will be postponed yesterday. The constituencies are located in Kachin, Kayin, Mon and Shan States and in Bago Region. The elections have been postponed under Section 10(F) of the UEC Law.

The announcement said the listed constituencies cannot hold free and fair elections due to unstable regional conditions.

In Kachin State, elections will not be held in the village-tracts of Machanbaw, Sumprabum, Kawnglanghpu, Waingmaw, Chibwe, Hsawlaw, Injangyang, Mansi, Tanai and Shwegu Townships.

In Kayin Sate, the government will not hold elections in the some village-tracts in Hpa-an, Hlinebwe, Phapun, Thantaunggyi, Myawady, Kawkareik and Kyainseikkyi Townships.

In Bago Region, 12 village-tracts in Kyaukkyi Township and 29 wards and village-tracts in Shwekyin Township will not hold elections.

Bawnaw Khee village tract in Bilin Township, Mon State, will also not hold elections.

Moreover, the government will not hold elections in the whole of Hpansan, Hpan Wain, Mongmaw, Napham and Mongla Townships and some village tracts in Muse, Kongyan, Mantong, Mongkhet, Mongyang, Mongyawng, Mongtong and Metmong townships in Shan State. CREDIT ELEVEN MEDIA MYAANMAR

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Karen National Union (KNU) recruitment has forced more than 300 families to flee their homes in Hlaignbwe Township, Kayin State.

Up to 2,300 people from 13 villages in the township have fled to Myaing Gyi Ngu region, in need of urgent humanitarian aid.

A refugee from Thawkalelhta village in Hlaignbwe said: “Refugees fleeing the war have moved to Myaing Gyi Ngu. It’s disappointing to have armed conflict again in the war-torn region. Everyone wants peace. But the KNU is now using force to recruit. It’s for war. We can’t get food, education and health care for our children. What is good about more fighting?”

A refugee named Saw Faw De says he arrived in Myaing Gyi Ngu on September 24 trying to flee from forced recruitment in Hpapon District. He said was told to pay Ks5 million or serve in the KNU or face the detention of one of his relatives.

The acting Kayin chief minister, U Saw Win Htain, is planning to visit the refugees today. credit eleven media myanmar


Refugees in Myaing Gyi Ngu on October 5 (Photo-EMG)