#Al-Qaeda #affiliated #Shebab #militants #condemn #Myanmar’s “savage #Buddhists”

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab militants condemn Myanmar’s “savage Buddhists” and urged Southeast Asia’s Muslims to come to the aid of Rohingya Muslim boatpeople


“Welcome them, open your hearts to them before you open your homes and give shelter to the fleeing Muslims. Mobilise men, money and resources to defend the honour of the persecuted Muslims and repel the savage attacks of the polytheists,” the Shebab said. READ ALL http://www.rawstory.com/2015/05/somalias-shebab-jihadists-condemn-savage-buddhists-in-myanmar/?

Rohingya where did they come from?
British brought those Bengali (same Rohingya) long time ago to fight Burmese soldiers in Colonial era , some for workers and to work at farms, they many they don’t leave and remained when British left, After Burma Independent more illegal Rohingya kept on coming in by crossing border.

Two parts different:
1. stayed till before Independent 1948 all are entitled to be citizens regardless of their any religions.
2. but after 1948 illegal entered not entitle the citizenship.

Otherwise UK has responsible for to take them all into UK due to they brought them a lot in Burma if they are stateless and no citizens of a country.

Illegal entered with no data record will not entitle citizenship no matter how long they stayed in Myanmar after 1948 independent.

*Rohingyas = Bengali are just same same with different names, you can test by medical checkup to verify matching types of those ethnic race people.

Great Wall Idea: China had built great wall to protect their own and i guess if Myanmar have long and high Great Wall even can drive patrol car above too between along Myanmar and Bangladesh border then could have reduced such illegal border crossing entry , then they ride boats and claimed they were from Myanmar…

Bangladesh can’t stop Birth rates a lot and Myanmar doesn’t want to take Bangalars a lot too. Given citizenship is NOT a solution because they keep on coming more.

Australia can track boats coming into their water territories to tow back boats where they came from but Myanmar doesn’t have enough technology yet to track in open Ocean even though those boats crossed from southern Myanmar Indian Ocean, China may be only hope that can provide tech and satellite.

They can ride long journey to cross between Coco Island ( Myanmar owns) and Southern Myanmar water but due to fund resources and technology can’t track them yet to turning back boats otherwise they can’t even reach till Thailand shore or Malaysia.

” Tracking is so important, which country gonna help provide tracking, informing, run enough Navy ships and funds to stop those boats? ” Somehow will be happy for Chinese Army , Navy and their own airport to base in Coco Island if they gonna help protect Myanmar’s interests as exchange deals. It was like Coconut island in Myanmar West had been fell under Bangladesh some years ago already but rather better if that Island had fell under China’s hands and Chinese interests is to control Asian regions, Myanmar interest is to get out of UN, US and ASEAN blame games for Rohingya boat people. ” The exchange deals are if China wants to station their Navy in west Myanmar islands too then they should protect around islands, intervene any further water territories dispute with Banglar, help upgrade Myanmar Navy , sell helicopters carrier ship and/or submarines with installments too.

Fang Ran


Now a Muslim political party of Burma has come out with their reservation towards the word Rohingya replacing Bengali titles in the forthcoming national census.

Kaman (Muslim) National Development Party (KNDP) has made their stand clear regarding the term (Rohingya) through a statement issued to the media on March 18 last.

U Thein Pe, a central committee member of the party disclosed that his party opposes the name of Rohingya to be used in the census as it (Rohingya) is not included in the list of ethnic nationalities of Burma.

The southeast Asian country recognizes 135 ethnic nationalities as its indigenous residents. Kaman Muslim is also a recognized ethnic nationality of Burma.
“It would be unfair and injustice if the name of Rohingya is used in the census. Because Rohingya is not recognized as a community or nationality in our country,” asserted U Thein Pe.

The KNDP statement added that there is no mention about the term of Rohingya in the Arakanese history. The Burma President U Thein Sein has already declared that the Rohingya is not included in the list of 135 ethnic nationalities of the country.

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