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The Religious Affairs Department under the Ministry of Religious Affairs has refused to give London Sayadaw compensation of US$5 million, according to the monk.

London Sayadaw sent a letter to the department, the Ministry of Home Affairs and State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee (Mahana) in March demanding compensation for the violation of his human rights through illegal detention.

“The authorities held me in the custody for three days between June 10 and 12. It violated my human rights and so I am asking for US$5 million for my dignity in accord with international law. The officials from the Religious Affairs Department said I can’t sue them under Section 80 of the Penal Code and they don’t have to give me compensation,” said the monk.

Section 80 states that nothing is an offence if done by accident or misfortune, without any criminal intention or knowledge and carried out with proper care and caution, said lawyer Aye Ko.

London Sayadaw countersued the Mahana in Mayangon, Tamwe and Bahan township courts but the courts rejected his case.

The monk has also written to Myanmar Human Rights Commission and but he is yet to receive a reply.