#THAILAND #Wildlife #ranger was #shot and #killed.

Wildlife rangers was shot and killed.  Natural Resources and the Environment
Police officers. Sriracha, Chonburi. Received notification has been shot dead. At Moo. 11 Dist., Sriracha. He visited wildlife sanctuaries. He was shot while riding a motorcycle out of the house to prepare for the trip. The official cause is still under investigation. cr, inn news


He got shot after NCPO issued new order under article 44 :

NCPO issue another order to protect the interests of the public.
The NCPO explained that the new order is necessary because the enforcement of existing laws have been inefficient.
As a result, there have been violations of the laws such as encroachments of public land, national forest reserves and national parks as well as illegal use of public utilities to obstruct traffic, causing the people to have problems in leading their daily life.
The new order has, therefore, been issued to increase the efficiency of law enforcement by authorities.
Under the order, a cabinet minister, as a law enforcer, can seek help from the military to protect the interests of the people in general by submitting a request for the defence minister to consider providing military personnel to assist them with law enforcement.



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