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#THAILAND #4 #Media #Association #issued #joint #statement #against #ARTICLE #44

April 2, 2015

4 Media Association issued a joint statement against the order of article 44.

National  Press Council of Thailand


Broadcast Journalists Association of Thailand.
Council of Radio and Television News Thailand.


To issue an order prohibiting the sale or the widespread coverage of books, publications or any other medium. And to impose a penalty on the offender to a fine not exceeding one year or to both a fine of 20,000 baht.

Article 5. In circumstances where it is necessary to swiftly remedy a situation which threatens national security or public order, or to prevent the situation from getting worse, Peacekeeping Officers are empowered to issue orders prohibiting the propagation of any item of news or the sale or distribution of any book or publication or material likely to cause public alarm or which contains false information likely to cause public misunderstanding to the detriment of national security or public order.

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