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!! #Response to #Minister of #Information Ye Htut’s #post on #Facebook #regarding #blocking of #EMGroup #website

March 30, 2015

1. On March 27, the Minister of Information Ye Htut wrote on Facebook that he has been blocked from accessing, the website of Eleven Media Group.
2. In Myanmar, internet websites cannot block individual users unlike Facebook accounts. In the same way, Eleven Media Group cannot know and does not have the chance to find out which users are using which IP.
3. However, U.S-based Cloudflare Company has been providing technical assistance to the IT Team of Eleven Media Group to find out which IPs have been attacking Eleven Media Group’s website. Therefore, for security reasons, Cloudflare has temporary blocked access of the IPs that have been attacking Eleven Media Group’s website multiple times to prevent them from attacking the website again.
4. Eleven Media Group’s website has faced multiple attacks from those who are part of the propaganda mechanism that wants to protect the welfares of dictators and the website has undergone losses. These attacks are taking place every day. Thus, Eleven Media Group’s website has taken necessary measurements in advance for security reasons.
5. However, it has been learnt from Ye Htut’s Facebook post that he has been using the IP that has been blocked by Eleven Media Group for attacking its website. This IP has been temporary blocked because some people who were using this IP have been violating existing laws and making cyber attacks.
6. Thus, we request the Minister of Information to take action against those violating the law in line with the law.
7. We would like to inform the Minister that we will remove the temporary blocked IP if the Minister would make an official request.
IT Department
(Eleven Media Group)


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