#Myanmar #Military #combing #Point #1753 #hill #KOKANG #BURMA

Nay Pyi Taw, 9 March — Myanmar Military Tatmadaw columns have been combing Point 1753 hill and nearby hilltops from which Kokang insurgents launch attacks to harass the safe travelling of local people since 7 March.
Tatmadaw columns were able to capture strategic hills after launching air and artillery strikes but fierce fighting continued until 8 March in the area.
One officer and seven other ranks sacrificed their lives during the fighting and 51 others were injured.
Kokang insurgents take foothold in the hills between Point 1753 hill and border post 141 and often attack local travelers and Tatmadaw convoys. In February, Kokang insurgent attacked vehicles flying the Red Cross Flag, vehicles of the media and departmental staff on the route.—




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