#Thailand : PM #Prayut rides #big #bike #wearing #cap

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha surprised his body guards and media representatives when he unexpectedly started a Big Bike and rode off around Government House. The Honda CBR 250 cc big bike belongs to a government official who brought his motorcycle for service check by vocational students in a service booth inside Government House. 11034216_733703910076415_5722933011209336466_n 11029559_733703943409745_3291353493841234899_n The booth was set up as part of the Office of the Vocational Education Commission’s scheme to encourage vocational students to contribute to the communities. Gen Prayut inspected the service booth of the students and tested the big bike coming to receive the service. Without telling anyone, he switched on the engine, pressed the horn and shouted jokingly for everybody surrounding him to keep off, or he would ram at them. He then rode off without wearing a helmet except a red cap, forcing his body guards, media members to run after. Gen Prayuth circled around the compound of the Government House for a few minutes and retuned to the booth, smilingly said “the bike is powerful” .


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