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February 20, 2015

Thai air force F-16A fighter jet crashed Friday during a drill in central Thailand, killing the pilot, an air force spokesman said. The single-seat jet crashed at the air force’s training ground in Lopburi province during a weapon-training flight. RIP



F-16 ชื่อ ร.อ.นพนนท์ นิวาศานนท์

10954203_728054083974731_3457032849765513565_n 10527793_728048620641944_4261910531229983302_n 1532023_728048643975275_7227917026638677160_n10991362_728054027308070_2244452999508166173_n-1 COBRA GOLD 15 1617568_728026110644195_8937616134538257065_o10974475_728025930644213_223892961193607366_o10900047_728025947310878_1414575541355449182_o

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