#BURMA #Deed of #Commitment for #Peace and #National #Reconciliation #February #12, 2015


Deed of Commitment for Peace and National Reconciliation
February 12, 2015
We, the signatories to this Deed of Commitment for Peace and National Reconciliation, pledge, in order to achieve lasting peace in Myanmar, to work together towards realizing the goals envisioned in this Commitment in the spirit of responsible action, transparency and accountability.
1. Aiming to safeguard sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity on the basis of the peace process; and building a Union based on democratic and federal principles in the spirit of Panglong and in accordance with the outcomes of Political Dialogue to ensure freedom, equality, justice and self determination for all citizens;
2. Striving together at the out outset to conclude the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement without delay while recognizing that a nationwide ceasefire is vital for the political dialogue process;
3. Establishing a new political culture of ending long-existing armed conflicts and solving grievances through dialogue instead of resorting to force of arms; and striving together to promptly hold an all inclusive political dialogue process;
4. Working together to promptly draft the Framework for Political Dialogue after concluding the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement and commencing political dialogue prior to the 2015 General Elections in accordance with the Framework on Political Dialogue;
5. Undertaking jointly to prevent armed clashes and confrontations between various armed groups and to refrain from taking actions or measures that will harm the peace process;
All signatories to this Deed of Commitment for Peace and National Reconciliation promise to endeavor together for the success of the peace process in order to achieve peace and national reconciliation desired by all citizens.
Nay Pyi Taw
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
February 12, 2015


Palaung group had attended the peace talks sites, but no specific answer to left (photo – PSLF / TNLA)


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