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On February 9, an event was held in Yangon University’s Diamond Jubilee Hall to celebrate the opening of military training courses for university students in Yangon.
Union Minister of Education Khin San Yee, Yangon Region Command Major General Tun Tun Naung and Yangon University rector Dr Aung Thu attended the event. University students wearing military uniforms held a parade within the compound of Yangon University.
University students were informed about the military training courses by rectors and professors last month.
“I’m a student attending Yangon University of Education. I think this training gives me some helpful knowledge for when I teach children. Nobody forced me to attend this training. It was my choice. We will get food supplies and salaries just like the soldiers. There are about 500 trainees. I feel different when I wear the military uniform,” said a student.Military training courses will also open in Mandalay and Mawlamyaing. ELEVEN MEDIA


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