#Cambodia #deported #US #sisters who #took #naked #photos at #ancient #temple


They will not be allowed to return to Cambodia for four years. Lindsey and Leslie  Adams will be deported on Sunday morning, according to the court’s decision. Cambodian authorities detained the two American tourists soon after they were found taking photos of their partly naked backsides on Friday morning. The Apsara Authority, which oversees all temples in Siem Reap including Angkor Wat temple, said in its statement that “after being questioned over this case, the two tourists had confessed and recognised that they made a mistake by taking naked back photos”. It is the second incident in less than 10 days, after the authority arrested three French male tourists for taking nude photos at another temple complex of Banteay Kdey. Apsara Authority spokeswoman Chau Sun Kerya said the women’s actions were offensive towards Cambodian culture and were inappropriate at such a sacred site.

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