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January 28, 2015


Naypyidaw, 2015, January 28

Government, Parliament, Students and the National Network for Education Reform (NNER)  talk for the first time.10 hours and 30 minutes to 15 hours and 15 minutes Naypyidaw,  Ministry of Education, meeting hall, both open and friendly. Bilateral discussion, governments, Representatives of Parliament and democracy education campaign committee Student representatives from the following points are agreed.Joint statement

Once negotiations will start and stop ,a student workshops Education Act agreed to continue to find the answer, and the 88 Generation Students Min Ko Naing,

Facts to Discuss for Education Law:
What are the students requested 11points
1. Education policy and laws, Regulations related laws representatives of the students in the design process, Join representatives of teachers
2. Student, Teacher unions are allowed to move freely formed and the recognition of the existence of unions legal

3. The provisions of the National Education Act vast amount of the National Education Commission universities Coordination Committee Composition
4. Regional and school independent management will consist of self-determination
5. Current practice to prepare for the test systems and university systems
6. Students can independently thinking he can learn to explore new methods to change
7. Races language freedom to add the language and mother tongue-based education
8. All eligible education for all children, including children with disabilities to be
9. Student activities in order to allow the school to students who have been out of school
1. Set national spending by 2 percent in education
11. Free and compulsory education at the primary level, and adopting improved secondary level

The government officially invited student protestors to hold talks soon after the standoff between students and security forces in Thaungtha valley (Nanmyint valley) on 27 January.


NNER JOINT STATEMENT10915081_793097190727906_3124545022456340963_o

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