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MYANMAR BURMA Buddhist Women Interfaith Marriage Law
Singapore and Malaysia both have long-standing restrictions on interfaith marriage between Muslims and people from other religions. The rules require that non-Muslims convert to Islam in order to register their marriage.Singapore has two marital legislations such as Muslim Law Act and Women’s Charter. It bans a marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. A non-Muslim woman is required to attend one-year religious conversion training before becoming a Muslim wife. Official interviewers are obliged to ask a Muslim man whether he is able to guide his bride-to-be on the path of becoming a Muslim wife.–Even in accordance with Burma’s 1954 marriage law, there is no protection on Burmese Buddhist Women who marry with non-Buddhists. Burmese Buddhist Women are the ones who suffered most and lost all their rights since there is no protection by state. They got no legal rights, religious rights nor civil rights whatsoever after Burmese Buddhist Women married with non-Buddhist.


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