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Students who begun a protest march on January 20 against a controversial national education law faced difficulty with their overnight stay in Kyaukse due to the local authority’s pressures.
Mandalay residents welcome the protest march. They arrived in Kyaukse at about 6 p.m. after an overnight stay in Palake yesterday.
“We did not face any pressure from the authority en route from Mandalay to Sintgaing. Local people gave foods to us along the route. We stopped at a monetary in Sintgaing for an overnight stay. But the authority put pressures on us in order that we cannot stay at the monastery in Kyaukse. We all have decided to continue marching to Yangon whatever difficulty or pressure we face,” said a student Ye Yint Kyaw.
A lecturer from Kyaukse University supported the protest march against the national education while the procession was passing by Kyaukse University.
“Students are given a welcome not only by local people but also by university teachers,” a local said.
The presiding monk from Sinphutawwit monastery allowed students to stay overnight. The authority put pressures on the monk not to allow them to stay here. And the authority threatened that the monk would face legal actions as students stage a protest march without any permission. Student leaders told the monk that they would not stop there for an overnight stay for the sake of the monk,” said a layperson from the monastery.
On January 22, students will go on a march to Nahtogyi via Kyaukse and stop in Myingyan for the overnight stay.
Student on January 20 launched a protest march to Yangon after the government failed to deal with demands for talks to amend the proposed legislation. eleven media

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 Kyaukse University  Kyaukse University


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