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Tay Za, chairman of Htoo Group of Companies, said at a press release at his residence on January 19 that he has purchased uranium-bearing ores weighing 3.5 visses.
He said he brought the ores at a price of Ks 20 million per viss from lapidaries Aung Naing from Mogok and Nyunt Wai from Phone-Kan village, about 35 miles from Mogok, where the stones were found. He paid a total of Ks 50 million for the ores.
He said he bought the ores 10 days ago and sent them to the Ministry of Science and Technology a week ago to check whether or not they bear uranium.
He pledged to inform the media of the laboratory results. He also told reporters that he is now suffering from uranium radiation.
“I have a burning desire for the security of the country. And I want to do something beneficial for the country. Security is very crucial for all countries in the world. As far as I know, business people from the US always extend a helping hand to the country’s security. So our country should follow in the steps of others,” he added.CR. ELEVEN MEDIA

Tycoon Tay Za announces uranium purchase

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