Local protestors removed fences expanded by Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Co Ltd in the controversial Letpadaungtaung copper mine project and opened a protest camp there on December 29.
Local residents from Sede and Tom villages took part in the new protests restarted on December 29, a week after a female protestor was shot to death in the clashes with police.
The protestors removed the fence near Sede village at around 2pm on December 29 and resumed their protesting.
Police fired a number of warning shots while the protestors removing the fence. The protestors say they will continue their protest. After that, local farmers removed a fence extended near Tom village.
“We retake our lands by removing fences. We will continue our protests till our demands are met,” said a farmer from Sede.
“When the company [Wanboa] files a case against it, we will acknowledge it. The fencing will not be continued. And there will be no violent crackdown on protest camps,” said Yinmarbin District Administrator.
A woman was killed and many others were injured in the recent clashes with police and local residents lost their lands to the fencing. Locals say they received no compensation for their lands seized. R.EMG photocr. yangon globe


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