#Nu #Nu #Yin, aka #Tay #Nu #Yin, #found #beaten to #death by #actor and #director #Min #Oak #Soe

funeral today cr. နာေရးကူညီမႈအသင္း-ရန္ကုန္ -FFSS.YNG



The woman found beaten to death by actor and director Min Oak Soe was not his cousin as initially reported, the victim’s family told the Daily Eleven.
Nu Nu Yin, also known as Tay Nu Yin, died due to severe internal injuries, according to an autopsy performed on December 26 at Yangon General Hospital, her family said.
Min Oak Soe initially confessed to the murder, according to the police, saying the victim, who he said was his younger cousin, had a boyfriend.
Aung Kyaw Thwar, uncle of the victim, said: “My niece was an adult. Why did Min Oak Soe interfere in her affairs? She was not his relative. He initially told the police that he had beaten her to death for having a boyfriend as she was his cousin. Why did he say that as she was not his relative? I think his claims mean he will receive a lighter punishment for the crime. An autopsy was done saying all her ribs were broken and her liver was crushed. I want Min Oak Soe punished.”
Thin Thin Mu, the victim’s sister, said: “Although Min Oak Soe turned himself in to the police at around 4am on December 25, the interrogation only started the next afternoon, we are told.”
Nu Nu Yin left her home in Tarmwe Township at 10am on December 24 to work at Tarapa magazine and made her last phone call to her aunt at around 4:30pm to ask about her mother’s health.
When her mother called her at around 11pm, a colleague answered the call saying she was too busy to speak but not to worry.
On December 25, three women, including Min Oak Soe’s wife, visited the victim’s home and paid Ks 500,000 towards medical treatment for the victim’s mother after saying that Nu Nu Yin was dead.
“We were informed that she had been beaten to death by Min Oak Soe. They said she was at the mortuary. They should have informed us about her death as soon as possible. They just returned her phone and wallet to us, excluding her jewellery,” said Thin Thin Mu.
Nu Nu Yin had worked for about seven years at Tarapa magazine, while looking after her ailing 61-year-old mother.
It is not Min Oak Soe’s first run-in with the law. In February 2012 he was sentenced to three months in prison and fined Ks 600,000 after he set fire to a pile of garbage on Phoe Sein Street in Tamwe, blocking traffic for fire engines. He punched a police car and swore at firefighters during the incident.
He committed another crime on October 4 last year. CR. ELEVEN MEDIA


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