#Thailand #Myanmar to #register #Andaman #Sea as the #World #Heritage #Site

BANGKOK, 18 December 2014 (NNT) – A subcommittee of the National Reform Council (NRC) has proposed the idea to register the Andaman Sea as the World Heritage Site in the hope to develop it as a world-class tourist destination.

Chairman of the NRC subcommittee on marine and coastal resources Thon Thamrongnarasawat submitted the panel’s “quick reform” proposal to Chairman of the NRC Thianchai Keerannant. Mr Thon said the World Heritage Site status would help Thailand develop and conserve the Andaman Sea in terms of economy, society and community. It would also help contribute to efficient management of the sea with the people’s participation, said Mr Thon.

The NRC subcommittee also urged the Cabinet to finish considering the matter before March 2015 as the World Heritage Committee will close submissions in April next year. As for the Andaman Sea in Myanmar, the Myanmar government has already requested the World Heritage Committee to consider listing the sea. If the committee approved Myanmar’s bid, a joint panel between Thailand and Myanmar might be formed to manage the place. 


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