15/16/ Two policemen escaped unhurt when one hand grenade and two home-made bombs were lobbed into a police’s lodgings in the compound of Bacho district police station Monday night.
The two wooden lodgings were however badly damaged by the bomb explosions.

Police said that as one group of suspected militants opened fire at a market in Bacho district apparently to distract police’s attention from the police station where another group was moving under the cover of darkness toward two lodgings in the police station’s compound.

Pol Lance Corporal Siam Temteh and Pol Lance Corporal Pannakait Srinakitja were resting in the lodgings unaware that the suspected militants were about to launch the attack.

Once close enough toward the target, the suspected militants threw one M67 hand grenade and two home-made bombs at the lodgings causing loud explosions. Luckily the bombs missed the targets


An unknown number of southern militants attacked an outpost of a police special action force Tuesday but caused no casualties.
The outpost is located near the roadside of Highway 4007 from Bannang Dama to Lupo Banyang in Kabang district of Yala.

The militants fired upon the police outpost with assault rifles.

After a brief exchange of gunfire, the militants retreated under cover of darkness.

Meanwhile a police station in Bacho district of Narathiwat was also attacked early Tuesday with M 79 grenade launchers.
The grenade missed the station but hit a house of the police. No one was hurt.

Army rangers in Ra Ngae district also encircled a target at Ban Bago Sato, and apprehended a militant wanted for many serious crimes. Two others managed to escape.

Several rounds of ammunition were seized from the house.


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