Forty-five Myanmar migrant workers of a total of 48 who were jailed for holding fake visas in Malaysia returned to Yangon yesterday evening, according to the workers.
They were granted a general amnesty in Malaysia. The costs of their travel back to Myanmar were funded by Malaysia-based Kampung Free Funeral Service Society and by Premier Coffee Mix Company.
“Myanmar migrant workers were detained and imprisoned in Malaysia. We sent back 47 persons, including 45 workers who were released on general amnesty and two patients, to Myanmar in cooperation with Premier Coffee Mix Company and Aung Kyaw Soe from the Kapon Free Funeral Service Society.
On July 9, 72 Myanmar citizens were detained at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia by the Malaysian Immigration Department. On August 12, a Malaysian court sentenced 52 of the workers to one year jail terms for holding fake visas. On December 2, the Malaysian government granted general amnesty to 48 of the 52 prisoners.

Kepong Free Funeral Service Society ( Malaysia ) is the youth member of cohort volunteer cooperated association and aid for departed person stayed here. It established since 2011 and activity.

Myanmar worker (45)persons have been sent to Myanmar Yesterday , because they have been caught with they got false visa , apart of 72 persons since 8th July, 2014.

So our Kepong Free Funeral Service Siciety (Malaysia) and Premial Coffeemix Copany Dination air ticket for their.
Kepong Free Funeral Service Society (Malaysia)


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