Protesters of “ Mi Chaung Kan 1.2.3” Seeking solution for negotiation of our inherited land takes 267 days■

Dear Citizens,■


1. We used to live with our own house, land, jobs and family.
2. After our inherited land was confiscated, our life came to change now as sit-ins.
3. We want to live like all of you with owning proper house, food, jobs and be dignified citizens.
4. Thank you so much for those who share their support and sympathy on us.
5. We need your assistance pushing the government to solve current land disputes immediately (oR) to arrest us.
6. We firmly believe that we are in a better position to talk with the government for the solution (oR) to be arrested.
Protesters of Mi Chaung Kan (1,2,3)
For the dignity of Government and People of “Mi Chaung Kan”■
To the government
Please seek a solution for our inherited land issues
Imprison us if this is only for your solution.
Ignoring such longs day of 260 are
It is creating the people of “Mi Chaung Kan” into sit-ins like undignified persons or groups.
It is also failing the reputation of government that it has no solution and willingness to solve for this conflict.
For these reasons, put your immediate action for negotiation (or) take imprison.
Protesters of Mi Chaung Kan (1,2,3)
Photo By Ko Wai Lu.

Dear HE. President
1. If people from “Mi Chaung Kan” village are considered to be citizen of Myanmar, please issue a decree for solving of those suffering people who are on the street for long days.
2. Issue a decree if they deserve to be imprisonment.
With fully respects,
Protesters from Mi Chaung Kan (1,2,3)
Dear Democracy forces,
1. Please include the case of “Mi Chuang Kan” in your agendas in struggling and fighting for democracy and justice seeking process.
2. Do not ignore and left behind the people of “Mi Chaung Kan” who are less educated or awareness.

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