#MYANMAR #Two #troops of #RCSS/SSA #die #during the #battle of #anti #narcotic #drugs

Two troops of RCSS/SSA die during the battle of anti-narcotic drugs


10 December 2014 Written by Taifreedom
RCSS/SSA was encircled and attacked by the government army with a lot of force during the plan of anti-narcotic drugs at WanBan village in Kyawkme Township, Shan State and two troops of RCSS/SSA had sacrificed their blood and life for the nation in the battle field.

Troops of RCSS/SSA did it as their duty was to police in anti-narcotic drugs. Last 1st December 2014, they rounded up the locals and had captured the drugs seller, (Sai Win) 43 years old, who lived in Won Loung village, MurngDan block, with 19 boxes of heroin, 376pills of yaba (methamphetamine) and two bullets of (M-22) in his small hut, at night 10:00pm, and kept him in WonBan village.

On 4th December son of Sai Win went to give his father a coat and on the way home he also told the government troops, LIB 502, where the place of RCSS/SSA was, then the government army took a lot of force and encircled and fought the RCSS/SSA.


“Sai Win and his son were selling drugs and worked as informers of the government troops and militiamen of MurngDan. Both father and child did like that and sold the drugs freely and no one took action against them although the government troops already knew, but they allowed these father and child to sell freely” said the locals.


In the morning at 2:00am on 5th December, the government troops combined with the militiamen of MurngDan, took 30 force and fought RCSS/SSA and two troops of RCSS/SSA died on the spot. The government used AC 58-mm fought and acted upon the headman of WanBan village and both his son and daughter, and all three of them also died on the spot. Now his wife is the only one left behind at their home with worry.


All the villagers also animadverted the government troops “why had the battle happened frequently, had not the government army and Shan State Army signed the ceasefire agreement?”

The high-ranking of government army commander G-1 gave 500000 kyats to the WanBan villagers and took the three dead body to Kyawkme Township hospital.


Now the government reinforced about 300-400 troops in that area, so RCSS/SSA retreated from that area because if the battle happened again it may affect the villagers.


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