#THAISOUTH #PATTANI #court #handed #down #death #sentence on #5 #MUSLIM #TERRORISTS

The Pattani Provincial Court yesterday sentenced five southern militants to death after finding them guilty of shooting four soldiers to death and two other seriously injured on July 28, 2012.
The five convicted prisoners are Ismae Daong, Masahafi Metor, Koder Jaetae, Nimuhamad Niseng and Isbuloh Busa.

In the four hour trial which was attended by about 20 relatives of the defendants in the court room, the court said the five defendants were guilty of the shooting which happened on the road from Mayo district to Palas village resulting in four soldiers dead and two seriously injured.

The court then handed down death sentence on the five defendants.

As the death sentence was read, some relatives of the defendants burst in tears.

The attack on the road involved 18 heavily-armed Muslim militants in three pickup truck approaching six soldiers while they were riding in three motorcycles during their routine patrol to give protection to teachers in Mayo district.

They opened fire with M 16 rifles and shotguns, killed four soldiers instantly and two others seriously injured.

The militants then fled, stealing away all their M 16 assault rifles, radio transmitters and bullet proof jackets.






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