#THAILAND #Female #Myanmar #migrant #been #killed!

Myanmar migrant has been killed!


Name: Ms. Hla Khaing ( 43 years old)
Address in Myanmar: Chaung-Wa ward, Kyauk Taw township, Rakhaing state

– On 16, November 2014, unknown Thai man, who is about twenty years old, killed Myanmar migrant’s woman. Ms. Hla Khaing, was killed by a murder at her room while she was living with her two children. Unknown
Thai men asked for drinking water and enter the room, where the Myanmar migrants are living. The doors were locked when he was in the room. Ms. Aye Myat Thwe, thirteen years old daughter said “ my mother was killed by unknown Thai man, who asked money and gold from my mother. Her mother refused to give and she was beaten on the head by iron stick than the knife cut her throat and she died. I was tried to help and I also been beaten by murder and put in the room. He locked me in the room, and he searched some our belonging and he took 5000 Bath and gold”.
Ms. Aye Myat Thwe is getting medical treatment at Chaise sub-district hospital in Surathani province, in Southern Thailand. “ The murder was run away though back door when we arrived at victims’ house.” Said, male migrants, who visited to victims’ house, at that time, and they helped girl to refer the hospital. The murder was arrested by the local police and he demonstrate how, he killed the women. The victims’ family needs some legal documents from Myanmar government and FED’s migrants’ development team is tying to provide the legal assistance.
Now, FED’s is tried to contact Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, in order to provide some legal document.
Mr. Moe Way, staff from FED’s said “ we are providing legal assistance to migrants, who are needed, and a female migrant was raped and two migrants have been killed last two months ago.” unofficial trans. by HTOO CHIT  PHOTOCR. Nai Khin

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