A 54-year-old mother and her 32-year-old daughter were shot dead by southern militants while they were riding home on a motorcycle on Highway 410 from Yala to Betong.
The shooting took place near Kilometre Marker 32 on the highway in Tambon I-yerweng of Betong at 9.30 am Saturday.

Mrs Sirirat sae San was riding her mother Sarinee home after shopping at a weekend market at Kilometre marker 29.

As she was riding pass Kilometre marker 32, a motorcycle with two men on board pulled alongside and the pillion rider pulled out a pistol and fired several shits at them.

Both fell to the ground with the motorcycle. The two militants approached the fallen women and pumped more shots at close range,and sped away.

Passers-by hearing the gunshots alerted a soldier base and helped take the mother to Betong hospital.

She died later at hospital while her daughter died at the scene.


Forensic police and soldiers discovered eight 9 mm casings at the scene.



Meanwhile another female teacher was critically injured when southern militants shot at her near a petrol station in Khok Pho district of Pattani on Saturday morning.

Mrs Issara Chairithichote was later admitted to Pattani hospital for serious shot wounds.


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