One thought on “#Open #letter to #Barack #Obama BY #BURMESE #CITIZEN

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    Open letter to President of United States of America!

    Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

    Re: Current Situation of Burma

    We welcome US President Visits to Burma as the gesture of endorsement for reform process and supporting democratic transition in Burma. We appreciate US Governments’ consistent support for democratisation of Burma and we do hope that when time comes Burma can help US in turn when necessary. We hope that US President visits will help promoting peace, stability and harmony between different religious and ethnics groups and not other way round. As everyone may aware that current transition of Burma from dictatorship to democracy is very subtle, delicate and complicated.

    Regarding about situation in Arakan state of Burma, we hope that Mr. President will bring hope of peace and positive encouragement but not provocative message or action which could spark the conflict between Arakan and Bengali (so-called Rohingya). We would like to kindly remind here that if Mr. President were to use the term relating to Arakan crisis which all Burmese disapproved and then, if there were the conflicts broke out as the result of President’s comment or action which will be like pouring petroleum on the flame, and unfortunately Mr. President will be accountable for the consequences.
    We would like to highlight here that Arakan conflict is not about religion but about immigration crisis. We would like to remind here as well that Mr. President should be very mindful not to take any action tantamount to insulting Buddhism and Buddhist monks. We do believe that in every problem, there are different views and we would like to encourage Mr. President to consider looking at the problem from the Arakan perspectives.

    Burmese do believe that it is not fair for Burmese to take all responsibilities as well as got the blame for Bengali immigrants from Bangladesh entering Burma illegally. Burmese do believe that migration is international problem and so international community should also share the responsibilities especially Bangladesh which is the source of migrants coming into Burma illegally.

    We wish you well and have a nice stay during your visits to Burma.

    Yours faithfully,

    Justice loving Burmese citizens

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