!! #Koh #Tao #case #accused #migrants #Zaw Linn/Win Zaw Tun #retract #confessions

21/10/2557- 2014 Important: Koh Tao case accused migrants Zaw Linn/Win Zaw Tun retract confessions after 5 hours of questioning by lawyers at Samui prison.

Zaw Linn/Win Zaw Tun signed statement just submitted to prosecutor states they didn’t kill or rape victims and were not at the crime scene.

Zaw Linn/Win Zaw Tun’s statement to prosecutor they confessed under duress or violence/torture and now fully retract confession.

Lawyers for Zaw Linn/Win Zaw Tun have just now filed urgent motion with public prosecutor to halt all progress in pending prosecutions


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