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October 20, 2014

Three hours long fighting, 19:15pm to 21:50 pm, broke out because the reinforcement of Burmese government was encroaching on their area, on October 17. The battalion 112 of TNLA plus battalion 478 had to stop Brigade 88 of the government from their advance.

It took place at Sa Khan Thit hill, Loi Sar, Nam Seri and Kung Khe hill, situated alongside a 13 miles road (which is the high way between Namphatkar to Namkham) in the south of Namkham township.

The battle started before that day as the government troop had launched an offensive on the united troops of KIA, TLNA, MNDAA around Murng Ngae region, Kotkhai town. cr. tai freedom



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