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In addition many issue prosecution seemingly hoped to come out did not as key witness said didn’t know forgot or couldn’t see images clearly

Whilst fully respect court decision proceed witness testimony 2day personally believe decision impeded again accused right to fair trial.

Appointed defense lawyers had 30 minutes with accused yesterday and arrived late last night. Right to fair trial means adequate prep time.
Defense team strongly request witness hearing postponed today for 1 month for time to prepare. Prosecution cited fear witnesses abscond. Court refused defense petition and heard the witnesses today.
Today court heard testimony from 3 male witnesses, 2 documented, 1 undocumented. All young. One witness holding guitar at all times.

Samui court Koh Tao case now ended1st day advance hearing of 3 complete prosecution witnesses. All eyes turn back to prosecutor/police.
Next stage police complete case file modifications according to prosecutor request and send back to prosecutor for decision prosecute or not

The 2 myanmar migrant accused in Koh Tao murder case both appeared in court today sitting just in front of me looking calm and seemed in good health, chatting together like young brothers or friends.
When in court, looking at them, couldn’t help wonder if the 2 young small accused myanmar migrants before me really knew they are at center of an international political storm.


Speaking with head of Koh Tao murder investigation police team Major General Paween at Samui court today


Morning,  from Koh Samui island to attend 1st hearing for witness statements Koh Tao murder case 10am Koh Samui court

Accused migrants in Koh Tao murder case appointed lawyers team in Koh Samui prison 2day, an array of Thailand’s best human rights lawyers.


Deeply concerned how defence lawyers, arrived island late 2day, spend minutes with accused, can prepare in time hearing starting 10am 2day

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