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10471253_1542070106025366_7653329707015947564_nExpressing deep concern at this stage with the ongoing public announcements by individuals gaining access to the accused on guilty or innocent status of 2 Koh Tao murder case accused migrants. Voluntary and consensual confidential Thai lawyer and Myanmar accused client relationship now crucial to ensuring the accused can access a fair trial in this publicly debated case. In most normal cases (of which now this clearly is not), trained criminal lawyers would now surely be advising their clients to stay silent. Public suspicion will go on but lawyers need space to work. Guilt/innocence in Koh Tao case will crucially be decided eventually by the courts based on all facts and testimony presented to them and not by police, prosecutors or the general public. Capable and skilled lawyers must now crucially be given time and space to focus on confidential case defense preparation with the accused, having competent and reliable translation assistance at all times, if the accused are to be assured a fair trial. The accused must crucially be supported to make consensual and informed decisions about their lawyers, defence strategy and the nature of public statements made on their case as much as is possible.


I am confused. Who is taking care of them to participate in that legal process wisely??If they are not advised..Which legal team? Is it paid?..

Andy Hall : You ask the very important question Htwe Than, defending these guys properly is not about media statements but about skilled criminal Thai lawyers. This is Thai court system needing practicing skilled and independent thai lawyers


It’s important the 2 Koh Tao migrant murder suspects receive a fair trial, have access to independent/skilled defense lawyers and are provided with trusted and quality translators. This is important whatever they may have or may have not done.
Working with a multi-disciplinary team we will all seek to contribute to a process whereby justice is done and seen to be done in Koh Tao murder case by working to ensure the accused receive a fair trial.
Whilst we cant respond all emails and offers of assistance, if you or your colleagues think you can assist us to achieve our goals in ensuring justice is done and seen to be done in this case, please do contact my gmail account username andyjhall1979


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