!!! #update #Rohingya #Koh #Tao #case #translator #reveals #confidential #information on #channel #3 TV

Despite formal letters of concern written both to prison head and DG of corrections department, MWRN were refused access to the accused.

Samui prison and Corrections dept. said no one other than lawyers, embassy officials or legal family (family is on way) can meet the accused
Qu. Justice 4 all Koh Tao case more likely if neither Thai, Myanmar, UK government interferes in independent judicial process + lawyers?

!!!!!! Koh Tao murder case official translator reveals all confidential information on channel 3 TV now-Appalled Ch3 decision to release this interview with alleged Rohingya Koh Tao case translator. Dangerous, unethical, ethnically insensitive.- Ch 3 presenter finished interview piece saying plain clothed police officer was monitoring interview! So police knew? consented? arranged? CR. ANDY




My lawyer warns Ch 3 behaviour undermining fair trial rights of accused in Koh Tao murder


Our team request all incl. translator NHRC relatives media to cease sharing Koh Tao accused confidential comments as can -ve impact defense

Both Koh Tao accused migrants have already now appointed personal Thai lawyers ทางผู้ต้องหาเกาะเต่าทั้งสองคนได้แต่งตั้งทนายส่วนตัวคนไทยแล้ว


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