#THAILAND #Siriraj #hospital#present #successful #antibody #treatment of #Ebola

Siriraj hospital will hold a press conference on Thursday to officially announce its successful discovery and production of an anti-body treatment of Ebola infection.
Dr Udom Kachinthorn, dean of the medical science faculty of Siriraj hospital, associate professor Dr Pattharachai Kiratisant, head of micro-biology department and Dr Wanpen Chaikampha of the parasitology department and Dr Ruangpoeng Sutthen,vice dean of research and her team of researchers will be present at the press conference to be held at Room A201 of Sriwarinthira building, second floor of Siriraj hospital.

Informed sources said that the medical science faculty of Siriraj hospital had attached importance to the spread of Ebola virus and had been conducting research and development of a treatment of Ebola virus continuously and has finally produced an anti-body which is capable of treating hemorrhagic fever from Ebola virus.


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