#MYANMAR #Myo #Yan #Naung #Thein #facing #unfair #trial

Last month, Myo Yan Naung Thein went to Teedam, Chin State in North Western Burma in order to conduct training regarding election, election monitoring and voter education. Part of his mission was, I think, to raise awareness about change article 436 of constitution. There, he went to government’s village (ward) election commission office which is only a tiny hut and where he can’t find anyone in the office. He found voters list exposing of with rain and sun outside the village’s election commission office. He tried his best to find someone to get permission to copy these said documents but there was none. So, as a responsible citizen who concerned so much that these documents will be weary off due to the weather, Myo Yan Naung Thein photo-copied them and returned original documents to its previous place. But, Myo Yan Naung Thein has been very vocal about sincerity of U Thein Sein’s quasi-civilian regime so-called reform process and so Burmese government charged him with draconian law accusing him of with destroying public property. But, he didn’t destroy the document or there is no intention that he would destroy the document. Rather, he just borrow momentarily to get the copy and return it to its original place. He also made every efforts to seek permission to copy the document but no avail. So, for our opinion, Burmese government is just trying to imprison him so as to silence the opposition before 2015 general elections. We believe that Myo Yan Naung Thein is charged because he criticizes Burmese president, U Thein Sein and military generals for their insincerity in Burma’s politics. ‪#‎Myanmar‬ က်ေတာ္အခုတီးတိန္မွာ ဒီေန့တရားရုံးကအမိန့္ခ်မယ္ ဒီေန့အမိန္က ေထာင္ဒဏ္ဆုိရင္ မိန့္ခြန္းသြားေျပာလုိ့မရေတာဘူး ေငြဒဏ္ဆုိ. ဒီေန့ တီးတိန္ကေနျပန္ဆင္းနိင္မွ မနက္ျဖန္ေလယဥ္စီး ႐န္ကုန္ကုိ ညေရာက္. ၂၅၊၉၊၂၀၁၄မွာသြားဖုိျပင္၂၆၊၉၊၂၀၁၄ ေလယဥ္စီး ကုိရီးယားသြား က်ြန္ေတာ္ေျပာရမယ့္မိန့္ခြန္းက. ၂၀၁၅ ေရြးေကာက္ပြဲႏွင့္ေရွ့အလားအလာအေျကာင္း ေျသာ္ဒုက္ခေပးထားအုန္းေပါ့အာဏာပုိင္ အာဏာရူးေတြေရ (မ်ဳိးရန္ေနာင္သိန္း) We are worrying for Myo Yan Naung Thein, the Secretary of Central Committee for Research and Strategy Studies of the National League for Democracy (NLD) & Executive Director of BAYDA Institute, who is now facing unfair trial in ‪#‎Burma‬. U Thein Sein quasi-civilian government charged and accused him of with unjust and undemocratic laws so as to silence opposition. [Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)] 10392403_10152288665245899_4049889629714538325_n10665083_10204053733056403_7841793588199431671_n

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