#MYANMAR #BURMA: #Rescue #Teams #US And #Nepal #Arrive To #Help #Searching For #Two #Missing #Climbers

23.9. Mountaineers from Htoo Foundation, Ko Ye Min Thu, Ko Sai Kyaw Wunna Soe, Ko Sai Kyaw Thu Htwe, U Namar Johnsin and U Unn Kaw who were trained specifically to conquer Mt. Everest, reached at Base Camp, 13,200 ft above sea level and they are making search and rescue tasks. Local tribe porters also went together with search and rescue tasks for supporting.

There is raining and so glooming with mist that makes poor visibility around Mt. Hkakabo Razi region.

Bearing so extremity bad weather, the search and rescue team members from Htoo Foundation are seeking Ko Wai Yan Min Thu and Ko Aung Myint Myat, two missing climbers with humanitarian spirit and wholehearted afford.

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Htoo Foundation’s patron U Tay Za, ground extensive search and rescue team which is seeking two missing climbers, will arrive base camp which is 13200 ft above sea level on September 23.


Today, 20 Sept 2014, our Putao rescue team has been waiting for a favorable weather to fly to the basecamp with two of the B3 helicopters to perform a visual search for the 2 missing climbers at Mount Hkakabo.

They have been preparing to fly since 6:30 am this morning. They will be bringing with them 4 oxygen bottles and associated accessories, hiking gears. In order to gain high altitude they will be flying with the least weight combination possible.

One of the B3 will be flying up to 23,000 feet.

The following will be joining the flight in search of the missing.

Two Captains for the B3
Two Nepalease pilots
Two Rescue Climbers from America
Two Sherpas from Nepal


The path our Search & Rescue team is going to pass in search of the missing climbers.


Hkakabo Razi from a climber’s perspective.


The road travelled by the Hkakabo climbers. Our team will be using the same road in search of the missing. Below the log is the headwater of Mayka river called Adonwar.


To help search and rescue mission of two missing climbers, Htoo Foundation had contacted American rescue team which is led by Andy Tyson who ascended Mt. Galan Razi successfully and he arrived together with one of the rescue team member at Yangon today, on September 19, 9.00 sharp this morning. 

US team Expectations and Requirements:
A) When US rescue team coordinator (Andy Tyson) arrives in Putao there will be a meeting with the Chairman (U Tay Za), Invitation of Nature and the families of the missing climbers as well as other rescue organizers to create a plan. US climbing team will not proceed past Putao without this meeting.

B) US technical rescue team requires a translator with solid English skills.

C) US rescue team reserves the right to withdraw from the operation at anytime. This will not effect transportation out of the mountains or other logistical arrangements.

D) US rescue team will evaluate the helicopter pilots. Each individual of the team has the right to refuse flights based on pilot skill, weather, equipment, or other reasons.

E) Body recovery may not be possible. In other words, rescue team cannot guarantee they will be able to get the body(s) down from the mountain due to weather, terrain, time, location, rescuer safety concerns, etc.

F) US rescue team will provide details and perspective on climbing rescue, expectations, safety and technique. Climbing team will follow their internal protocols and not be required or obligated to deviate from their internal protocols.

G) US rescue team will not be obliged to rescue other individuals that deviate from plans.

H) US rescue team will need appropriate time to acclimatize to climb above base camp.

I) US rescue team will hold regular briefings on situation, updates and plans.

J) US rescue team will require transportation, food and lodging throughout stay in Myanmar. Climbers will be flow by Helicopter out of the mountains regardless of outcome of the search.

K) US rescue team requires dedicated Thurya Satellite phone for duration of operation.

L) US rescue team will bring personal clothing, climbing and basic technical rescue equipment.



U Ann Kong the brother of U Nimar Johnsin. They are Myanmar Tibetans living in Ta Hawn Dum and have been to the Hkakabo many times. They are the toughest and best at climbing these mountains.

This is U Ann Kong’s 4th trip to Hkakabo first 2 trips were sending the climbers to Hkakabo and another 2 times to search for the missing up to 18,000 feet.

Today, he has gone up a 5th time following his brother U Nimar to look for the missing climbers.


The path taken by the climbers to reach the summit.


More rations left behind by the climbers.


His name is U Ann Kong. He was the Sherpa for the climbing team. He has already gone up to Hkakabo 2 times to look for them. One time he brought supplies for them and another time when he realized they have gone missing. He is also the brother of our Myanmar Tibetan Sherpa, U Nimar Johnsin who brought Ozaki up to the peak of Hkakabo.

U Nimar is also the leader of the Search and Rescue party that left Ta Hawn Dum to Hkakabo and Ann Kong is also part of the company that will be searching for the missing climbers.


Missing climbers left behind food for the their return journey and also neatly packed their used items in a plastic bag.


Missing 2 climbers went up the rocks on the right side of the picture instead of the icy glacier seen in the inset of the picture.


The 2 missing climbers of Hkakabo Razi climbing team also camped on this narrow passage way. They left behind a bag (red in the picture) with supplies to use when they return.

Our Search team will be trekking the same path in search of the 2 missing.


This is the place where Invitation of Nature’s (INO) Hkakabo Climbing team camped.












For conquering Mt. Khakabo Razi expedition plan, president U Myo Thant was director and two climbers who missing during this climbing, Ko Aung Myint Myat was team leader and Ko Wai Yan Min Thu was team manager.
During this expedition, Ko Aung Myint Myat and Ko Wai Yan Min Thu were summit team and others climbing members were base team.

This expedition consist of eight camps and until camp- 8 which is closest one to peak, summit team and base team could make communication when they were other champs. But base team which included six members could not see the route which is from champ-8 to the peak.

Summit team ascended planed camps since last August 22, they arrived at the peak on August 31, 4.25 pm and could make communication to each others. Ko Wai Yan Min Thu made contact to base team members by walkie-talkie that the summit team arrived the peak 4.28 pm.

By walkie-talkie, summit and base teams made communication and sang national anthem and mountaineering song. They also set up Myanmar national flag and team’s flag. Moreover, they took photographs with flags of sponsors Premier and KBZ. They enshrined some kind of Buddha relics and other activities which was prepared at base.

After singing national anthem and song of the invitation of nature climbing team, Ko Wai Yan Min Thu said that walkie-talkie’s battery was almost dead. From that moment, base team lost contact with walkie-talkie of summit team.

And then, Ko Zaw Zin Khaing, Ko Myo Nyunt Than, Ko Han Lin Htun, Ko Kyaw Htun Naing, Ko Mg Mg Pyae Sone and Ko Zayar Htun who were base team members waiting at base camp till the evening of September 5 according to their agreement.

But the summit team were fail to show up in due time, so base team had Ko Unn Twin who is not only head man of Tahondum village but also a guide to find summit team at 15800 feet height.

At 15800 feet, he waited three hours but Ko Aung Myint Myat and Ko Wai Yan Min Thu did not show up. After that, base team waited on September 6 and they searched again at 16200 feet height.

However, over 16200 feet height is to climb with mountaineering gears and special trained skill. On the other hand the supporting team members also could be faced with dangerous situations at this height. So they searched missing two climbers about two hours at 16200 ft above sea level and returned to inform mother unit.

Therefore, they started to descend from base camp on September 8. On September 9, supporting team arrived Tahondun village. They made contact to Yangon by U Namar Johnsin’s satellite phone on September 9 to get further instructions.

Supporting team had to arrange matter of porter and ration during September 10-12 and they arrived Panandin village on September 12 even facing a number of hardships.

After that, they returned Putao townships on September 16, by rescue helicopters from Htoo Foundation. On September 19, they reached Yangon by flight which was provided by Htoo Foundation. Today, September 21, the invitation of nature foundation made press conference to inform public.

Not only Htoo Foundation but none of Htoo Group Of Companies made sponsorship in this Hkakabo Razi expedition. But Htoo Foundation is doing search and rescue tasks with sheer compassionate of human being.

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