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September 19, 2014

N O T  THE   B I K I NI First the translation of PM Prayuth speech was wrong.He only mentioned that, whatever you do Thailand is not a “safe heaven”. Gen Prayuth said he would like to offer his apology to anyone who might have been disturbed by his words. He affirmed he had never intended to insult foreigners but was only trying to encourage them to give more importance to their own safety during their visit by refraining from dressing provocatively. – You drink for 1000 of  bahts per night and bargain  on the other hand . So what do you think Villagers and local see you like that ? Criminals are everywhere on the world. Please think about that and respect our culture.Thank you. photocredit Sri Vonse 10703626_803579663040243_7411887169892211169_n 10431198_803577503040459_420644460696788232_o-110665181_803574173040792_8036413697891596902_n10653328_803574186374124_183324597852389419_n

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