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Local police today added Rohinya migrants into suspected groups of three to find out after DNA results ruled out all their earlier detained suspects from the murder of the two British tourists.
The British brothers and friends to the slain David Miller, Mr Christopher Ware, 24, and his brother James, were now in the custody of the British embassy and they will leave for homes tonight.

Christopher’s DNA test did not match those collected from the scene of murder and the victim’s body.
Besides he also was cleared of the wounds on his wrist which was old and not fresh wounds caused during lighting fireworks.

However the embassy officials said they were ready to give cooperation in case new investigation implicated him again in the murder.

Both were scheduled to depart for home tonight.

Pol Maj-Gen Kiatipong Khoasam-arng, chief of Surat Thani police, said he has received all DNA test results unofficially.

He said from the DNA test, there were mixed DNA samples inside Ms Hannah Witheridge, indicating more than one suspect were involved.

This gave the police clearer picture of suspected groups, but still did not rule out earlier theories, he said.

He said the police now gave more weight to an Asian looking man who appeared in the CCTV video footage of a resort home walking around near the scene wearing no shirt.

The man was at first thought to be a friend of the male victim, but after DNA test didn’t match any detained suspect, the police have to turn to this man again.

But he said so far the police have not found the man.

However the police now have launched massive dragnet to find this man throughout the entire island, he said.

He said investigation would be back to square one with focus now on three groups, namely local Thai people on the island, migrant workers, and tourists.

But he said migrant workers is the most suspected group, particularly the Rohinya migrants, judging from the gruesome nature of the killing.

However the police still have not yet ruled out Christopher Ware because there are still several evidence which are pending forensic examination, he said. THAIPBS


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