#Bomb #found #near #Myanmar- #Thai #Friendship #Bridge

A second time bomb was found near a roadside shop near the Township Court in Myawaddy, Kayin State on Tuesday at 8.50am, but police and military personnel were able to defuse it.
Police say they are investigating the incident as well as another time bomb that had been discovered the day before near the Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Bridge.
Town resident Tin Pe alerted police after seeing a suspicious object in a black plastic bag near a shop. Police and military personnel were swift to arrive at the scene. They cleared the vicinity and placed a barricade of sandbags around the area.
The bomb was simple: a six by two inch iron rod filled with gunpowder and attached to a dial that showed it was intended to explode at noon, when the area is crowded.
Sergeant Kyaw Thein and Corporal Maung Maung Oo from Military Engineers Squad defused and removed the bomb at 9am.


A time-bomb was found near the Myanmar-Thai Friendship Bridge at around 6:30am on Sep 15 in the Myanmar border town of Myawady and authorities managed to defuse it in an hour, according to officials.
A military squad led by Sergeant Kyaw Thein had managed to deactivate the bomb at around 7:45am after the police on duty for the security of the bridge were reported by a street cleaner about it.
Sergeant Kyaw Thein confirmed that it was an explosive timed to blow up at 10:55am.
Officials speculated that it must have been dropped there easily at night with aims to explode at the time when the street is busy with people.
Two time-bombs were exploded at the same place on Feb 9, 2011 killing three people including a female shop owner and injuring several people.
A series of explosives was discovered at places around Myanmar recently, but this one was the latest one on a busy street near the bridge, found after the recent al-Qaeda threat targeting India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
The 2005 blast caused the most casualties in Yangon. Myawady and Mae Sot are assumed as the most vulnerable border towns to terrorist attacks as they have a heavy flow of people going in and out.



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