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#THAILAND #SOUTH #4 #dead, #5 #wounded in #Pattani #bomb #ambush

September 11, 2014

Police have found the body of the owner of a pickup truck used by southern militants in the deadly attack of Tambon Makrood municipal in Khok Pho district of Pattani on Thursday which left four people dead and six injured.
The body of Mr Anan Kwanjoon, owner of the Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck stolen from Thepa district of Songkhla, Thursday morning, was plucked out of Klong Thung Done, Ban Lampai of Thepa district.

Initial examination of the body showed that the victim was suffered broken skull and his face was crushed with a hard object. Police suspected that the victim was killed and his body dumped into the klong.


4 dead, 3 wounded in Pattani bomb ambush; M-16 fired in Yaring district, none injured##

Three local government officials and a civilian were killed, and five others injured when Muslim militants attacked a local government office in Khok Pho district of Pattani Thursday morning with assault rifles and home made bombs.
Khok Pho police investigator Pol Lt-Col Surin Chumvoratayi said the attack happened in front of Makrud local adminstration office in Khok Pho.

They came in pickup truck, opened fire into the office M 16 assault rifles and fled.

On their escape, they also strew nail traps along the way to prevent hot pursuits by authorities and also planted bombs at the scene.

One bomb exploded wounding five villagers.

Killed at the local administration office by gunfire included Prasit Sintu-uthai, the local administration office chief, a civil engineer officer Chambong Nosith, and an adminstration official Jirawat Siripanbun, and a villager.

Five other peoples wounded in the bomb explosion included two women.

Meanwhile Latapanyang local government office in Yaring district was also when militants fired into the wall of the office. Nobody was injured.


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