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September 8, 2014

8/8/2014 credit eleven media

As Myanmar’s initial census report was announced the population at 51,419,420 on August 30, 2014, suspicion arises among Myanmar people.
In 2008, Myanmar’s population was nearly 58 million. In 2010, the government estimated that Myanmar’s population was 59 million.
According to that list, 8 million people were vanished within four years. It is like 2 million people decreases per year.
That’s why, so many questions arose among the public. Are millions of people going abroad yearly? Was it the 2010 statement a false one? Was the census that supported the 2008 constitution a fake one? Was the recently announced data a wrong one?
In present day, the angry mob appeared from nowhere came into the various scenes and similarly, in 2010, votes from nowhere covered the wishes of the people. Therefore, people raise those kinds of questions as they have suffered before.
The census is very important for the coming election.
As the criticisms upon the released statistics louder, the chairman of the election commission announced that there will be no bi-election on September 7. It ignites more questions.
On August 30, 2014, Myanmar’s population is announced as more than 51 million by Union Minister for Population and Immigration Khin Yee.
When the name Khin Yee is mentioned, people think of him with explosions cases and the case of five people murdered when he took the position as Maj-Gen of Police Force. His press briefs on these cases and the practical works were very contradictory and so above mentioned questions were raised not to incur the same things in census announcement.
Bomb explosions and the Police Maj-Gen’s explanation
On May 7, 2005, bomb explosions took place in Yangon Central Trade Center, Junction 8, and Dagon Center within five minutes apart.
On these incidents, 19 were dead and more than 150 were wounded. On May 16, Minister from Information Kyaw San, Ministers for Finance, Home Affairs, and Health held press brief. On that press brief, Khin Yee also included.
Generally, the press brief stated that, SSA led by Ywet Sit, KNU, KNPP, NCUB, NCGUB, and ABSDF and its members carried out these explosions. It showed the names of trainers for explosion, supervisors, and attendants. Who gave training for explosion and who supervised the team was published with names.
But some of those in that list are still living in Myanmar with peace of mind. So, everyone remembered that press brief and questioned that was the press made known to the world a fake or if that wasn’t a fake one, the question “why” emerged.
The case of five people murdered and the police Maj-Gen’s explanation
On March 3, 2008, five people were murdered in Sein Le Kantha Road in University Avenue and the case attracted the people.
On June 26, 2008, after holding the International Day for Combating Drug Abuse and Illegal Trafficking, Police Maj-Gen Khin Yee made a press brief with local and foreign journalists.
He said that they are tracing the case day by day. There are progress in the case and evaluations. But these evaluations are based on facts.
“It’s an on-going case. We’ve deployed several teams. We’re near it. We’ve done many investigations. But, it takes time to collect concrete evidence for a lawsuit. We’re working every day. We are probing if it is concerned with drugs or gambling or inheritance or others. We’ve got some information. However, if it spreads, the culprit may disappear,” he said.
It has been after 5 years now. The murder has not been solved yet. Everyone is asking why, Khin Yee.
Shwepyithar bombing and police Maj-Gen’s explanation
There was a bomb blast at the office entrance of former Union Solidarity and Development Association in Quarter (6), Shwepyithar Township, on July 11, 2008.
Regarding that bombing, police Maj-Gen Khin Yee made a press conference on September 7, 2008. He mentioned the police arrests, arrested persons and names of their related parties.
Investigations on arrested persons revealed information about a group named NGD that was planning damage to the country in connection with local and foreign organisations. Some NGD members were arrested.
The police Maj-Gen mentioned the sources from which NGD was receiving support. For example, he said NGD took support from Pyithit Nyunt Wai and Moe Thee Zun.
When those named persons were given visa to return to Myanmar, the people asked if his explanation was fabricated or else.
Bombing at X2O pavilion and police chief’s explanation
On April 15, 2010, a bomb blast killed 10 and injured 168 people at X2O pavilion.
Police Maj-Gen Khin Yee made a press conference regarding the bomb blast on May 6, 2010. He mentioned the names of criminals and arrested a person named Phyo Wai Aung who was involved in the bombing.
Phyo Wai Aung was given a death sentence but he was released on presidential amnesty on August 3, 2012. He died of liver cancer on January 4, 2013.
Phyo Wai Aung’s family claimed at a press conference that he was charged with false allegations.
The people still remember the incident and are questioning over the police Maj-Gen’s claim that Phyo Wai Aung committed it or else.
By-election and census
Census is of critical importance to a country. Its accuracy has a significant impact on election.
There are voices after the initial census report said Myanmar has just over 51 million population. There is a big difference between the actual data and the previous estimates as well as the government’s announcements.
While there are criticisms over census, election commission chairperson Tin Aye announced that the by-election will not be held. There are questions if there is any link between these two events.
The last chance for Khin Yee
Nevertheless, it is important that the census is accurate.
Minister Khin Yee said it is just an initial report on census and the missing population might be abroad. The Ministry of Immigration and Population said that the final report on census will be announced only in May 2015.
Because of this last chance, the people are questioning to Khin Yee.
It is hoped that the missing 9 million people are found before May 2015.
In 2010, advance votes from nowhere covered the votes from the people’s heart.
Since census is one of the most important things for the people, this is not the same as previous cases. In this case, the people do hope that Khin Yee’s explanations and actual happenings do not differ as in the previous times.

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