A roadside bomb attack on a group of teachers riding on motorcycles and protecting by police killed a teacher and wounded two others.
The attack happened at about 8.00 a.m. on the road and near a bridge in Khok Pho district of Pattani.

While four teachers riding on motorcycles protected by police in a pickup truck and a motorcycle arrived near the bridge at Bang Kro village of Tambon Tha Rua, a roadside bomb was detonated.

Patimo Saemasae, 28, was killed and teacher Lamduan Chuduang, 55 and Pol Sr Sgt Maj Pradit Iamsri, 44, were injured.

They were admitted to Khok Pho Hospital where Mrs Patimo later died.



Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) has condemned the roadside bomb attack in Pattani province, which resulted in a death of a female teacher.

ISOC Fourth Region Forward Command spokesman Col Pramote Prom-in on Thursday expressed sorrow over the death of 28-year-old Patimor Saemasae who was killed in a bomb ambush this morning, describing the attack as inhuman act.

“We are deeply sorry to have lost a valuable educational person to such an inhuman act,” he said.

Col Pramote vowed the authorities would speed up investigation and hunt for the insurgents who committed the crime to bring them to justice.

The bomb attack took place on Ban Bang Kro bridge in Tha Ruea sub-district at about 8.30am while a police squad assigned to provide protection to teachers was accompanying travelling teachers to their school.

The bomb attack also left a police officer and another female teacher wounded. They were sent to Khok Pho Hospital for treatment.

Col Pramote said initial investigation suggested that insurgents placed an improvised explosive device, a gas cylinder bomb, at the bridge-neck and detonated it when the teacher protection unit passed by. (MCOT)

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