A 19-year-old modelling student and actress died after a knife attack on August 26 in the stairwell of her apartment block, police said.
Aye Chan Myat Moe had her throat slit while she was climbing the stairs to her apartment in Dagon Township at about 6.30pm, they said.
The alleged attacker, Arnt Phyo Paing, turned himself into police about half an hour later, saying she had been his girlfriend and that he had not heard from her for a long time because they had quarrelled, said Lt-Colonel Win Kyi, chief of Western District Police Department.

The girl’s mother said she had heard a noise in the stairwell, followed by the sound of her daughter banging at the door, crying and screaming that she had been stabbed. The girl’s brother rushed her to Yangon General Hospital but she died on the way.
Arnt Phyo Paing admitted that he had sliced her across the left side of her neck with a knife, police said, adding that they were still investigating the crime scene in Building 32 of U Wisara Estate.
Aye Chan Myat Moe was returning from Taw Win Shopping Centre, where she had gone to meet friends, when she was attacked, her mother said. “She was my youngest child,” the grief-stricken mother said.
The model and actress had a bright career ahead of her, her teachers said. She was enrolled in modelling classes at Laurel Art Academy and was a second-year student at Dagon University, where she majored in English.
She was a voice actress in a radio series and will star in the upcoming movie “Dream of Spirits”, teachers from Laurel Art Academy said.
Thida Lin, a scriptwriter at Laurel Art Academy, said Aye Chan Myat Moe had been attending the school for five months. “She was always helpful to other people and quite industrious. She always scored first in tests. We are very sad to lose an actress with such potential,” Thida Lin said.



Aye Chan Myat Moe

I am Aye Chan Myat Phyo, Her sister. I am so sad for my little baby.I will keep opening for this facebook for her friends. Thank u very much for all of friends to worry about my sis. I truly believe she is definately in heaven. I love you so much.

Aye Chan sis.


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